Window to the European Union

Guidebook about Germany, Poland, Iceland and Turkey


Our trip to Germany

And a few words how it was :)

Everyone would love to have a chance to meet new people and new cultures... And project Erasmus+ „Windows to the European Union – Guidebook about Germany, Poland, Iceland and Turkey” gives us the chance to travel abroad!...

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European Institutions in our eyes.

A short movie about European Institutions

22 January 2018 a group of students involved in the Erasmus project, organized in our school a presentation of the effects of work on the subject of the European Institutions...

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The beginnings of the project

Project announcement at school

To start the project, we needed to have a special sign, which would represent our project on posters, leaflets or on our new official website. A few students volunteered to prepare some drafts....

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Something about first meet

In November we spent a lot of time on meetings with Ms Kąpielska, who was our guide while learning new things about European institutions. During the meetings students were working in small groups to create an information campaign about European institutions....

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When IT meets...

Creating our Erasmus website

The page was created thanks to cooperation and shared passion for programming of the seven-person team. We began our work on it by sharing responsibilities. Magda, Mariusz and Łukasz took care of the creation of the page which is the most important and the hardest element, thanks to which you can view it as it is...

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Ready, Steady, GO!

First Erasmus+ metting

We gathered at the first meeting to find out about the steps which are going to be taken at each stage of the project. Poland has got a lot of responsibilities at the beginning so we need to start immediately to keep deadlines!

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