When IT meets...

creating our Erasmus website

The page was created thanks to cooperation and shared passion for programming of the seven-person team. We began our work on it by sharing responsibilities. Magda, Mariusz and Łukasz took care of the creation of the page which is the most important and the hardest element, thanks to which you can view it as it is. Kamila and Monika have been working on graphics site and its design, of course they also help in little jobs on the website. Naturally we also have translators - Przemek and Simon , thanks to which our posts are available in two languages. The work brought us a lot of fun, we met quite often so that we could exchange ideas and analyze the results of our work together. We have even creat a special group on the Messengeer to be in constant contact and be able to work together remotely. We can't forget about the teachers who supported us both essentially and mentally and helped to make everything work perfectly.