Our trip to Germany

And a few words how it was :)

Everyone would love to have a chance to meet new people and new cultures... And project Erasmus+ „Windows to the European Union – Guidebook about Germany, Poland, Iceland and Turkey” gives us the chance to travel abroad! Our first trips took place from 24th to 28th September 2018. We travelled to one of our partner schools which is situated in Frankfurt upon Main in Germany. All the project partners, it means the students from Iceland, Turkey, Germany and Poland gathered to work on the topic on educational systems in our countries. Each team had to present the educational system and the school they represent. It was really interested to find out about all the differences between the schools in our countries. However, we discovered a lot of similarities as well. We had a fascinating workshop with discussions about our impressions and ideas connected with possible improvements and implementations from other systems. The conclusion is that we could take out a bit of each of the systems mix them together and create o new, ideal one. :-) Going to Germany did not mean working only, we also took part in some unforgettable sightseeing experiences. We started with exploring the city of Frankfurt which has a lot of interesting . On the one hand you can see the very modern Skyline with tall skyscrapers and on the other hand you can enjoy the view of the historic buildings of Römer. Our German friends invited us also on a one-day trip along the bank of the River Rhein where we took a walk through the picturesque wine area. We finished at the monument Niederwalddenkmal which was built in the 1870/80s to commemorate the Unification of Germany. On Thursday we visited companies where German students do their internship. We were divided into groups and went to estate agents, lawyer companies and the courthouse in Frankfurt where the legal clerks gain work experience. In each place we were shown the possibilities after graduating from the school and benefits of learning in a dual system which is characteristic in Germany. Our hosts and their city offered us a lot of attractions, we climbed the Main Tower and had the most spectacular view of the city. We visited Dialogmuseum where we entered the world of blind people. It is impossible to express the feelings, You need to go and experience. The last day we spent in a typical German historic town of Limburg. We had a guided tour there during which we could find out about a part of German history which found place in the town. The partner meeting in Germany was the second meeting in the project. We enjoyed every minute of it and we will miss all the great people we met there. I hope we will keep in touch.