Meeting 1

On the 29th October took place the meeting of „Equality Erasmus” group, which was created to implement the project „EQUALITY – The CHARACTER OF FUNDAMENTAL RIGHTS OF THE EUROPEAN UNION”. The project confirms that everyone is equal before the law (article 20 - ambition and realty in Germany, Iceland, Poland, Turkey and Estonia). During the meeting we created groups, which will be responsible for carrying out assigned project tasks. Moreover, there were disscused rules according to which the participants of the project are supposed to gain points. Participants who would demonstrate their hard work and engagement will get the greatest amount of points. The number of points will determine participation in a trip abroad. Schools from Germany, Iceland, Turkey and Estonia are involved in the project. Enthusiasm and determination which were seen in the time of meeting point out that the visit of partner schools which is going to take place in our school at the end of February 2022 will be prepared with the utmost care.

Natalia Polańska

OCT, 2021