Edith Stein Museum

On October 11th, 2021 class 2LO visited Edith Stein Museum in Lubliniec together with their form teacher. The museum is located on the first floor of a big building and has two rooms. In the first room while looking at photos and documents from Edith’s life, we listened to the stories about her childhood and teenage years. We learned about her scientific activity and how she converted to catholicism. We also explored her family tree and the map of places in Europe that she visited as a part of her scientific activity. In the second room we could see the drawings by a German drawer which show the scenes of Edith’s life. They were drawn with a pencil and each of them tells a story of her life. At the end we listened to the audio play about the last years of Edith and her tragic death in a concentration camp. I think that this trip was valuable because we learned about many facts from the life of Lubliniec and Europe’s saint patron.

Magda Czudaj

OCT, 2021