A trip around Lubliniec

On June 2, 2021, the students of class 2 LOp under the care of Beata Kąpielska and Anna Giemza-Jurga, went on a trip around Lubliniec following the trail of monuments and interesting places. We visited for example: Church of St. Anna, Stein Family Square, Hotel Zamek Lubliniecki, Jewish Cemetery, Church of St. Nicholas, the Big and Little Market Square. We also got to know a lot of information related to Lubliniec, such as events in the life of our town’s patron saint Edith Stein, or geographic curiosities. The trip, in addition to sightseeing, was also didactic, because it was the students who played the role of guides. Each point of the trip was discussed by a pre-selected and prepared pair of students. One of them spoke in Polish, the other in English. At the end, we went for delicious ice cream and finished our trip on the Main Square of our town.

Julia Grubek

JUN, 2021