Jewish cemetery in Lubliniec

It is situated at 11 Listopada Street, in front of the School Complex No. 1 named after Adam Mickiewicz in Lubliniec. It was established in 1845 and functioned until 1939. Initially, the area of the cemetery was 15 x 12 rods (1 rods was 5.03 meters), and in 1865 it was extended by another 118 square rods. The cemetery covers an area of 0.15 ha. In the cemetery, a one-story building was built, which housed: a chapel, a mortuary, a ceremonial lustration chamber, a utility room and living quarters for the gravedigger. The cemetery area was surrounded by a red brick wall with two gates, also existing to this day, where one was intended for introducing the body into the sacred rooms, while the other, the participants of the funeral ceremonies left the cemetery. The cemetery was divided into three lots for children, men and women. During the 100 years of the cemetery's existence, 1,117 dead people of the Jewish faith were buried in the cemetery. Edith Stein's grandparents and her older brothers were buried among them. In 1958, the cemetery was taken over by the state. After 25 years, it handed over the area of the already severely devastated Jewish cemetery for perpetual use to the League of Country Defence, which established a driver training center in the former Jewish cemetery, separating the fragment as a symbolic memorial site - with the tomb of the Königsberger family and tombstones that survived many years and numerous devastations and plunder. Since 2008, the Municipal Authority of Lubliniec has been trying to restore the cemetery to the honor it deserves.

Aleksandra Jurga, Paulina Muthumudali, Anna Kosytorz, Klaudia Chmiel

JUN, 2021