Knowledge Contest about the European Union

In September 2020 students and teachers from ZSOT in Lubliniec started working on Erasmus+ project: Everyone is equal before the law - ambition and realty in Germany, Iceland, Poland, Turkey and Estonia. For the first stage of work we decided to provide information about the European Union. One of the students, Martyna Roter, had prepared a multimedia presentation about it which was shown during our online lessons. The subject of the presentation included the basic information about EU and benefits for the country which come from the membership. On this occasion we also mentioned Charter of Fundamental Rights of the European Union. The subject of EU can be explored in various ways, also by taking part in the sixteenth Knowledge Contest about the European Union, "Gwiezdny Krąg". The school stage of the Contest took place online on 3rd December 2020, while on the 3rd March 2021 the best students took part in the second stage of the Contest.

Julia Grubek

MAR, 2021